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Sometimes making a stand is as simple as the design on your shirt. Show all those you come in contact with that you are a proud American and you believe in conservative, family values

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America is filled with the most amazing people of all races, religions, beliefs, and lifestyles. Let's honor all the diversity and come together to Make America Great Again!

  • Patrick Gunnels

    Patrick is a talented narrator and his talents are showcased on his show Reading Epic Threads where he reads the threads of popular writers.

    Patrick gives the written word life and helps his followers to digest all of the constant information and research that is coming out.

    He presents the information is fun and exciting ways.

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  • Just Human

    Just Human decided that he wanted to make a difference so he started his news podcast to give his followers a more balanced persepective, a perspective based on research and not just the story of the day. Just Human's strength is not reacting to the news out there but looking beyond the headlines and seeing what is REALLY going on.

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  • When Josh Hayes found out that he was going to the Trump rally and that he would be in the bleacher section behind Trump, he decided that he had the perfect opprotunity to spread information that he believes in. That information was about Devolution and all of Patel Patriot's research.

  • He asked his mother, Sandy to make him a shirt that simply said Devolution.Link.

    Sandy got to work immediately on her cricut and created this simple shirt that has brought so much attention to Patel Patriot and his Devolution Series.

    Josh said "I just wanted to do something that would have people asking what Devolution was all about"

  • Once people saw Josh standing behind Trump with the shirt that his mother made the demand began.

    Just think... this all started with one man, a simple website link, and Sandy's cricut machine.

    Thank you to Sandy and Josh!

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  • The Influencer Collection

    This collection is dedicated to influencers that are making a difference in this country through research and education.

    The Influencer Collection 
  • The Patriot Collection

    The Patriotic Collection celebrates all the Americans that have never given up in the face of adversity, the Americans that have stepped up & taken ownership of this great country, & the Americans that are making a difference.

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  • The Thin Blue Line

    For the heroes that put their lives on the line everyday not because it's a job, but because it is WHO they are. Blue is a lifestyle not a choice.

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  • We the People (Shall Not) Collection

    For those that believe we all have a right to choose and those choices were not given to us by man but by God. 2A Shall Not be infringed!

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What People Say About Our Shirts

~I’ll be placing another order soon!  I love both tanks!!! The devolution one has been extra amazing because it has brought up conversations and then instead of my trying to explain devolution in a sentence or two (which is impossible) I have them take a pic of my shirt and I say, “look it up, you won’t be sorry!!”  I’m opening eyes one by one and to me, that is worth every penny. Thanks again for doing what you do. Thankful for fellow patriots!!~ Marion FL

~Melissa,I got my shirt and I’m in love with it. Thank you. ~ Annette TX

~LOVE my shirts!!!! Thank you…continue the great USA Patriot work ~ April PA

~Yay, I’m so excited and LOVE that they are made in the US!!~ Ms. Huber FL

~Hi Melissa! Thank you so much!!!! I will absolutely give the small to a Patriot that will Love it!!! Thanks again and I will be ordering more in the future!!!~ Karmen MI

~I really like supporting your influencers and I like the t-shirt designs as well~ Kevin NM

~Love your site and products~ Jay FL